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To know if the work you own is authentic and is filed in the database of the Associazione Amici dell’Archivio Emilio Scanavino, you must request its examination by the Scientific Committee, following certain procedures.

The Scientific Committee meets about three / four times a year.


The first contact is through email, by sending to a digital colour photograph of the work, front and back, in a legible resolution that allows clearly identifying its most meaningful details. Additionally, you must communicate the size, execution technique of the work and the information on its provenance.


After the first contact, by requesting to be included in the mailing list, it is possible to receive the notice email to participate in the next session of examination of the works and receive all the forms to be filled in and signed.


The work is analysed live directly during a meeting by the Association’s Scientific Committee in order to attest its authenticity and subsequently file it in the database, if not already present there. If it is present, it is verified that it is exactly the original and not a copy or a graphic work. It is specified that no documents will be released to the applicant after checking the works and archived them. The register number used to filed the work appears only on the certificate of authenticity, for which it is necessary to apply (see works authentication section).
N.B. only works not installed in a frame are examined, or works that have an original frame made by the artist with no glass, with verso and recto that can be inspected.

The dates of the meeting for the examination are communicated to the applicants.

Subsequently, it is possible to fix a date – exclusively by appointment – for the delivery and collection of the work that must take place on the dates indicated.

The work must be left in order to allow analyses.

Upon delivery of the work, it is necessary to:

•    Deliver the material requested (see DOCUMENTATION)
•    Present the deposit sheet (which you will receive by email) filled in and signed
•    Sign the Privacy statement (which you will receive by email)


The following documentation is necessary (for each work):

•    no. 1 CD (for each work) containing a colour image file of the front and one of the back of the work, jpg or tiff format, minimum resolution 300dpi (CMYK), base 30 cm.
•    no. 3 professional colour photo prints cm. 18x24 of the front.
•    no. 1 professional colour photo print cm. 18x24 of the back.
•    no.1 professional colour photo print cm. 18x24 of the signature details and writing on the back.
•    no.1 file of the front of the work in tiff. format at 600dpi, CMYK, base 30 cm.

N.B. The professional photographs must be in colour with colors scale, in 18x24 cm format, on photographic paper, preferably Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme.

The Archivio reserves the right to refuse the documentation should it not correspond to the characteristics requested.

The material must be delivered together with the work at our premises, it is not to be sent previously or subsequently.


The consultancy activities for the works to archive, the control and the issuance of certificates of authenticity are paid services.

The cost for the control of the works is € 122.00 VAT included (for each work), as a flat-rate reimbursement for costs and activities related to consultancy.

The payment through bank transfer must be made after delivering the work but before its collection. The bank transfer data for the payment will be provided at the moment of delivery.
The receipt must be sent via email to: and in paper copy upon delivery of the work.

In lack of the above, the examination will not be communicated.

N.B. Even in the event that the works are not attributable to Emilio Scanavino, the payment is not refundable.


The Association does not perform economic assessments of the works.
The Association does not express opinions of authenticity by analyzing only photographic or digital documentation.

authentication of works